About Us

Our Story

Fields of Blossoms LLC®  wants you to have the world's best Roses delivered to your door overnight. Our customers enjoy deliveries of fresh, long stem roses with free shipping. Also, we want you to rest assured that your flowers were grown in farms that employ ethical, responsible and eco-friendly practices. It's that simple.

Fields of Blossoms began as a gathering of experts in premium flowers varieties.

With over 20 years of flower experience, we've grown to understand what people want from their flower providers. People are searching for high quality flowers for a cost effective price that stems from free shipping.

We built Fields of Blossoms to deliver exactly the Farm fresh flowers you need, when you need them, wherever you are.

We work with Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms, allowing us to source farm fresh flowers 24/7, all year around and make it easy on the customer with our subscriptions so you never run out of farm fresh flowers.

The Fields of Blossoms seal of approval is a guarantee of beautiful flowers, on demand.

Facts on Fields of Blossoms:

  • Farm fresh flower importer and distributor
  • Access to over 500 acres of Rainforest Alliance Certified™ flower farms to meet your standards
  • High quality best practices to assure customer satisfaction
  • Shipped directly to your door by FedEx Priority Overnight
  • Memberships available
  • Wholesale prices
  • A portion from every sale goes to charity

Special moment? Make it more special. Contact us for bulk orders of farm fresh flowers.

If you want to signal success and heartfelt joy, nothing is better than flowers, no matter which kind you choose. When you want advice on which rose to choose, there's no reason to ask anyone else. Contact the rose specialists at Fields of Blossoms.