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The cultivation of flowers can be hard on the environment if flower growers have the wrong incentives. For generations, the rising demand for farm fresh flowers around the world has been a boon to flower farms, especially in Latin America and Africa. Nine out of 10 farm fresh flowers bought in the U.S. come from Latin America and one in four bouquets in Europe come from Kenya alone.

However, that success has come at a cost. Because flowers are not food, governmental oversight agencies have not been as diligent about regulating the use of fertilizers, pesticides and other agrochemicals in the growing of flowers. This has endangered the lives of flower growers and damaged local water sources. The Rainforest Alliance™ was formed to fix that.


Partners With the Rainforest Alliance™

Now in its 30th year, The Rainforest Alliance™ works to preserve biodiversity and ensure sustainable growing practices in order to protect the lives and livelihoods of flower growers in 74 countries.

We are proud to work with The Rainforest Alliance™ certified flower farms who grow astonishingly beautiful flowers while protecting their ecosystems, conserving water, renewing the soil and offering people safe, responsible working conditions. With the unique Fields of Blossoms subscription service, you can count on long stem roses from certified growers delivered to your door. 


What Real Sustainability Means

Flower farms that are Rainforest Alliance™ certified are regularly audited to help ensure that they meet strict guidelines and effectively plan for future generations of flower growers. The well-being of the community is just as important as the quality of the flowers they produce. That's what true sustainability means.

Quality matters to us at every step along the way, from the moment the seed enters the soil until the flowers arrive at your door. No compromises. Only beautiful flowers, delivered overnight. 



Nature doesn't come in packaging.

It doesn't make sense to harvest flowers in green, sustainable way and then package them in plastic. We promise nothing will come between you and your flowers.

Our flowers are delivered to you in durable recycled cardboard boxes, made from 100% post consumer materials.